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To guarantee high quality, Umiya Tubes procures its raw material from top-notch vendors of international repute. The manufacturing is carried out under strict process control and monitored throughout the production process to ensure total conformity to requisite specifications.

All through the process and finally before dispatch, uncompromising and stringent tests are carried out as per the standards specifications or customer specific requirements.

Every single piece of tube is subjected to a thorough visual inspection by trained staff to detect dimensional inaccuracies, surface imperfections etc.

To ensure complete identification and traceability even after supplies are effected, all the information as required by the standards, i.e. brand name, size, grade, specifications is marked on all the pipes and tubes bundles.

We strives for total customer satisfaction by consistently supplying quality stainless steel pipes and tubes conforming to mutually agreed product specifications & delivery schedule.

We are committed to involve all employees for the continuous improvement of our product in quality & customer satisfaction & achieve leadership in the global market.

We provide services with

  • Stated Quality
  • Timely Delivery
  • Quality Services at all Times
Quality Assurance System

The standard procedure for this test is to flare the end of the pipe to a diameter 1.2 times the outside diameter.


This test is only conducted only when specifically requested


There are no cracks on the welded section or on the base metal.


There are no cracks or blow holes can be observed on the welded section.


This test is conducted to check the strength of the welded section by subjecting, it to extreme compression stress. If the test pieces with stands the specified compression stress without cracking, it is determined to be acceptable.


Each length of finished pipe is subjected to the hydrostatic or pneumatic pressure test. Each pipe must withstand the pressure without leakage.